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Westralia Airports Corporation Pty Ltd (WAC), Western Australia 2017-11-20T12:48:34+00:00

Westralia Airports Corporation Pty Ltd (WAC), Western Australia

Perth Airport Flies High with Geospatial Intelligence

“Location intelligence is vital in planning the airport infrastructure for the construction or relocation of services and the maintenance of airport assets.”

Fiona Lander, General Manager, Corporate Services, WAC


To meet this growth projection and prepare for the expansion of terminal facilities, WAC sought to gather more data across the airport estate, taking multiple safety and security, operational, environmental, customer service, commercial, and service infrastructure factors into account.

WAC wanted to be able to integrate data from this range of complex interrelated areas and understand how the location of various factors was influencing their use and constraints.


At the heart of WAC’s location intelligence solution was Esri GIS and Dekho software, which was developed by ESRI Australia. Based on ArcGIS, Dekho helps WAC integrate information from databases that have a location element, including property and asset management. The software enables WAC to effectively disseminate and manage this data throughout multiple departments, creating workforce efficiencies through time-saving and near real-time information sharing processes.

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