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State Valuation Services, Queensland

Adding Value to State Valuation Services

“With MapInfo we’re able to ‘quarantine’ any number of areas and assign them specific value classifications then fine tune those areas on screen.”
Vern Di Salvo, SVS Director, Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines


The real challenge is, just as it is in so many other industries and markets, to do more with less. This means dealing with an increasing number of valuations while simultaneously improving the accuracy and overall quality of our service. Given that we don’t have the resources that would enable us to bring on more staff, we needed a solution that could be used in the field and in the office to improve efficiencies and accuracy.


The MapInfo mobile technology deployed improved the quality and accuracy of property valuations while reducing the time normally taken.

Prior to implementing MapInfo, that ‘fine tuning’ of classification areas demanded poring over masses of printed reports and manual cross-referencing to maps. The amount of time this is saving is at the very least 20 per cent over what was previously required. In addition, MapInfo is streamlining and improving the audit process.

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Read more about the SVS Pubic Sector Case Study (PDF 269KB)