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Queensland Rail

Managing the QR Railway Network

Property Land Use System (PLUS), a spatial land information system which incorporates a range of MapInfo products, allows Queensland Rail (QR) to manage the day-to-day operations of its railway network, which includes 1,400+ railway stations and 6,634 miles (10,700 kilometers) of track and corridor land, as well as tunnels, bridges and electric, gas and water supplies.


QR, the biggest rail and freight operator in Australia, was unable to readily share information between different divisions of the organisation and unable to see the relationships between resources.


PLUS, comprised of MapInfo Professional®, EasiMaps and MapInfo MapX®, consolidates all seven divisions of the QR network into one multipurpose corporate system, which allows users to tap into the resources and data sets of many of these divisions more efficiently.

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Read more about the QR PLUS Case Study (PDF 99KB)