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Office of the Valuer-General (OVG), Tasmania 2017-12-26T11:27:56+00:00

Office of the Valuer-General (OVG), Tasmania

Innovative Solutions for Valuation and Land Management

“With the customisation of MapInfo Professional, the task of checking and processing valuations can be as simple as a few clicks of the mouse.”

Warrick Coverdale, Valuer-General of Tasmania


To reduce the amount of manual data manipulation and to streamline processes, increase accuracy and provide new ways to visualise land attribute data.


Using spatial and textual databases to accurately capture relevant data, it enables computer-assisted valuation processes in the field as well as in the office. With solutions from Pitney Bowes Software (including MapInfo Professional/MapBasic) and GPS Tracker ECW Viewer, the Office of the Valuer-General created a custom solution referred to as VGMaps.

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