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About Us

We offer a fresh, strategic approach using cutting edge
technologies to design databases, websites and spatial systems.

And if you want to make a great first impression with words,
we proofread, edit or write for you.

While you get on with your other business, we concentrate on your project or provide on-going support.

Based in south-east Queensland, we work with you wherever
you are around Australia.

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We Partner with You

…through every stage of your project



  • We listen to you
  • Our success comes from outstanding planning 
  • We plan for your specific project needs to create your competitive edge


  • We provide quality solutions
  • We use current and emerging technologies to enable you or your organisation
  • Our thorough testing focuses on usability, findability and result-based outcomes


  • We deliver results that make a difference
  • We provide continuous and agile delivery
  • Our editing, solutions and designs deliver quality results 

Why Choose
Hart Simpson?

Ideas or thoughts are fleeting, but turning ideals into action is our specialty.

Through listening and understanding you and your needs, we work to combine our ideas, and we turn them into relevant, technical and stunning results.

Our commitment to clients means we dedicate our efforts to our engagement with you.

Our commitment obligates us to do and provide what we say we will, ensuring our business relationships grow, evolve and meet both our needs.

We are a small business dedicated to our responsibility to ourselves and our clients. We choose to uphold ourselves to consistent moral and ethical standards. We speak and deal truthfully and take full responsibility for our actions and our business outcomes.

We live and work to realise our potential as individuals and in our business dealings. Throughout every relationship, whether personal or in business, we strive to be and provide opportunity to grow, learn, help and enjoy the experience of working together to find and deliver our best

Real-life Examples of Ideas into Action

With solutions from Pitney Bowes Software including MapInfo Professional and field-based computing, the Office of the Valuer-General created a custom solution referred to as VGMaps which integrated with VISTAS – the Valuation Information System Tasmania to provide a comprehensive office and field solution for valuers and property managers across the State.

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The MapInfo and mobile technology deployed improved the quality and accuracy of property valuations while reducing the time taken to provide statutory valuations for Queenland’s 1.6m land parcels.

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The MapInfo Professional and web solution implemented at QR integrated land tenure, native title, property management and land use systems  improving the quality and accuracy of corporate land and corridor management. The Property Land Use System (PLUS) was critical in the gazetting of all rail corridor for over 10,600 km of rail.
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At the heart of WAC’s location intelligence solution was the ESRI GIS software stack. Based on ArcGIS Desktop, ArcServer and using web-based delivery to integrate WAC’s information from CAD, survey, design and operational databases, the solution provided a single spatial portal for WACs Perth Airport expansion.

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QAssure number 13436. Approved QAssured Supplier for Queensland Government. QAssure is an accreditation process that seeks to connect, contract ready and qualified ICT suppliers with public and private sector organisations.